To the Bao Varakhii Rattery.

We are the oldest rattery in Michigan, providing rat fanciers with high-quality, healthy and beautiful pets since 1995. We are located in the northeast area of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and are active members of the rat fancy in the area and beyond. We have always focused on:


You will find open and honest health information on our page. All our rats get necropsies, and that information is contained on our up-to-date Rainbow Bridge page. Our litters have open pedigrees that show not only the colors of their forebears, but their longevity and any health information available. All our rats are registered with NARR, and updated as we get new information to share. We work with the same skilled exotics veterinarian for the last 11 years, so she knows our lines and works closely wiith several labs to help us get and understand results!


We only breed from the friendliest of our pets. To be bred here, a rat must not only be healthy and conformed properly, but also have a laid-back, mellow and loving personality. We do not breed rats who are mean to their cage mates, and we certainly do not breed rats who bite. We handle our babies daily starting the day they're born, and our mothers are mellow and relaxed while we do!


We breed to URS standards of a "whole" rat who is well-formed, muscled, and beautiful to look at without sacrificing any essential "rat-ness." Our rats do well at shows, and we are proud of that.

What Makes Us Great?

Because of our years in the fancy, our close relationship with other reputable and ethical rat breeders, and our outstanding veterinarian, we've built a bloodline of truly oustanding animals. We do not cull, we do not overbreed, and every animal that is born here has a home here if necessary for the rest of their lives. Our passion for the fancy rat is just that, and our years of first-hand experience with husbandry, health, genetics and ethics helps us continue to move forward every day, refining our goals and methods and sharing information with others.

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