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BVR Adoption Application


Please answer all these questions as completely as possible. This form is required for people who want to adopt from the Bao Varakhii Rattery.

PLEASE NOTE we will only place rats on breedable contract to breeders we feel personally comfortable with.

Babies are $25.00 each.
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First *
Last *
Address *
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City *
State / Province / Region *
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Your Age (if under 18) and the name and phone number where your parent/guardian can be reached, and the hours when it is best to call them.
If you have any children living in the home where the rats will be kept, please list them and their ages.
Do the adults in the household agree that THEY are responsible for ensuring the rats get proper daily care, handling, cleaning, and veterinary care if needed? *
Does anyone in the household smoke? *
 Yes, inside the house 
 Yes, never inside the house 
Have you read the BVR's adoption policies thoroughly, and agree with them? *
If you are a current or former breeder, please list your rattery name, prefix, current and updated website (if currently breeding,) club memberships and years breeding

Pets and Experience

I consider myself the following type of rat owner *
Have you owned rats in the past?
If yes, how many years have you owned rats?
Do you currently own rats? *
If yes, please list the names, ages and genders (neutered/intact) of your current rat population
Have you ever re-homed any of your pets? *
If you have re-homed pets in the past, please explain the circumstances.
If you currently own any non-rat pets, please list their breeds and ages here, along with their neutered/gender status. *
Have you ever had a pregnant rat? *
 No previous rats 
If yes, check all that apply (may apply to more than one rat)
 I bought her from a petstore that way, didn't know she was pregnant when I bought her 
 I bought her from a petstore knowing she was pregnant 
 I bought her from a breeder that way, but didn't know she was when I bought her 
 I bought her from a breeder knowing she was pregnant 
 She accidently became pregnant because I/petstore misjudged her/cagemate's gender 
 She accidently became pregnant when she/male rat escaped from cage 
 I deliberately bred her 
 I am/was a breeder of rats 
 I adopted her from a shelter/rescue that way, but didn't know she was pregnant when I adopted her 
 I adopted her from a shelter/rescue knowing she was pregnant 
 I fostered her for a shelter/rescue knowing she was pregnant 
Please explain what happened to the babies of this rat, whether they were kept or how they were adopted out
Do any of your current pets subsist on feeder rats, mice, or other animals? *
If yes, please check all that apply:
 I buy live feeder mice/pinkies  
 I buy live feeder rats/pinkies 
 I breed my own mice and live feed 
 I breed my own rats and live feed 
 I breed my own mice and pre-kill 
 I breed my own rats and pre-kill 
 I buy and live-feed another type of animal 
 I breed and live-feed another type of animal 
 I buy prekilled animals of another type 
 I buy frozen mice or rats and feed them to my pet 
 I feed Snake Sausage or other rodent substitute 


If you currently own rats or have owned rats in the past, have you ever had one become ill with a head tilt, tumor, respiratory infection, or other significant problem? *
If yes, what was done about it?
Are you currently the client of a vet who is experienced in treating rats and other exotics? *
 I am in contact with one, but not yet a client 
If yes, please give me the name of your vet and his/her practice:


Do you currently have an appropriate rat cage? *
What kind of cage is it? (Check all that apply)
 Martin's powdercoated cage 
 Martin's powdercoated cage 
 Other Powdercoated wire cage 
 Other Galvanized wire cage 
 Super Pets My First Home for Pet Rats 
 Super Pets Exotics Cage 
 Ferret Nation - single 
 Ferret Nation - double 
 Critter Nation - single 
 Critter Nation - double 
 Aquarium with topper 
 Other (SEE BELOW) 
Please give the dimensions of your cage, Martin's design number if appropriate, or other brand/design name
If you do not currently have an appropriate cage, where are you planning to purchase one? Please include brand and design number
Where in your house will the rats' cage be located? *
What bedding are you planning to use? (Check all applicable) *
 Aspen Shavings 
 Cedar Shavings 
 Cloth Bedding/Liners 
 Corn Cob 
 Feline Pine 
 Harlan Sani-Chips 
 Newspaper/shredded paper 
 Pine Shavings 
 Yesterday's News 
What food are you planning to use as a staple diet for your rats (check all that apply) *
 Debbie Ducammon Homemade Diet 
 Dog Food 
 Harlan/Native Earth Lab Blocks 
 Hamster/Gerbil Seed Mix 
 Hartz Rodent Seed Mix 
 Guinea pig/Rabbit pellets 
 Kaytee Forti-Pet Rat Seed Mix 
 LM/Kaytee Rat Blocks 
 Mazuri Rodent Blocks 
 Oxbow/Reggie Rat Food 
 SueBee's Homemade Diet 
If you chose "other" or "dog food," please elaborate with brand or type

Rat Adoption & Social Information

Why do you want a BVR rat specifically, and where did you hear about us? *
Are you looking for males or females? *
 Gender unimportant 
What BVR variety are you most interested in? *
 Russian Cinnamon 
 Russian Blue Berkshire 
 Russian Pearl/Pearl 
 Variety unimportant 
What other breeders, if any, have you gotten rats from? (list all of them here - if you have websites for them, please include that too!) *
Please list any rat clubs you belong to, and include their websites *
Please list any rat discussion forums you belong to, their website address and your user name on them. *
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